ADX Pulse V4 Speaker

The Pulse V4 speaker is £80 pounds on Audio Dynamix UK’s website – a price pitching it in the middle of the range of Bluetooth speakers on the market today. Is it worth it?


The build is a work of art. Almost entirely made of metal, a sheet of aluminium wraps around the triangular speaker, encasing it firmly and securely. Not only does this bring structural rigidity to the whole unit, but the aesthetics are simply incredible and the speaker looks stunning in any setting – whether sat atop a polished desk or placed on the frayed carpet – it fits in everywhere. The mesh on the front of the unit, under which you find the 2 x 50mm Kevlar drivers with 25 core motor system and Neodymium magnets, is made of a strengthened plastic, and the surrounding area, which is where we find the capacitive button, is also made out of this material. The capacitive buttons are the usual like skip/go back song, volume up/down but there is also, more unusually, a 3D sound button, which I’ll talk more about, and a NFC pad area for easy device-paring with the speaker. On the back there are some neat cut-outs in the metal body which allow access to (from left to right) the auxiliary in port for wired audio-transmission, the micro-USB port for charging and the power on/off button. On the two sides of the prism-shaped speaker we find the base ports. ADX have designed these in such a way that the plates (which are actually metal) are secured with a flexible and pretty slack rubber material so that when there is a bass beat, you can actually see the plate move in and out. This visual-audio experience is a really great feature of this speaker and I really do like it. It isn’t just a gimmick either – the base of the speaker is very impressive, but I’ll be outlining my thoughts on it in the audio section of this review now.


The sound of this speaker is absolutely incredible. I’ve never heard a Bluetooth speaker sound this good and I’ve tried a lot of the ones out there (granted, they have cost less than the Pulse V4). All aspects of the sound spectrum are so rich and pure and perfect – highs and mids have no over-powering issues or tininess problems – the whole sound experience if really good. ADX have actually incorporated a feature into the Pulse V4 which I’ve never seen before and that is 3D sound. The option can be activated by tapping the caacitive, backlit button above the speaker mesh, and what is does is it expands the sound output distance. It doesn’t make the audio louder but instead widens the span of the music which the speakers, making the audio sound much more like a surround-sound system. You make have experience this in earphones, but it is a very strange experiencing but it really enhances the experience for me.

The bass of the Pulse V4 is amazing too. The bass-ports help reverberate the low end frequencies, and I the solid metal design helps bass production too. It’s punchy and full but not distorted though and its fullness just makes listening to this premium speaker very enjoyable and a very tuned and rounded experience. It offers the sound of a speaker twice its price and that, along with its stylish design, makes the ADX Pulse V4 not only an incredible accomplishment by ADX, but also an unbelievably good speaker and one that I’d really highly recommend to anyone in the market for a speaker at this price range (or a higher price too). Seriously, this speaker has been truly faultless for me.

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