Apple EarPods vs Samsung vs HTC One Earphones Comparison

I feel like all the accessories that come with a handset are ignored by the manufacturer and seen as an annoying necessity, but a good pair of earphones can really add to the whole experiencing of using the phone and is a vital aspect of getting it right when it comes to mobile phone vending. So, I’m going to compare the earphones that these three tech giants include with their handsets and see which one comes out on top.

Each of earphones has an inbuilt mic, which which are all pretty decent, but I’d say that Apple has the best microphone of them all, with a very clear recording experience and crisp audio reproduction.


We’re going to take a look at each earphone individually, examining its audio performance, aesthetics and my impression of the accessory. We’ll start with Samsung’s standard earphones, found nestled in the box alongside many of their handsets, but actually not their latest S6/S7 and S6/S7 Edge model as they have some newer earphones included with them.

I think it’s fair to say we started low in terms of audio performance with this comparison. For me, the mids were good with these earphones but the highs were annoyingly tinny which was a shame, but most disappointingly the bass was just non existent. There was no punch, just nothing there at all and for someone like me who likes bass in their music, the bass response of these earphones was pretty dreadful. Because of this bass drought, I found the highs to slightly over power the rest which just added insult to injury.

The visuals of the earphones are nice, and this is where Samsung’s earphones slightly recover from their dreary audio performance. The cable is manufactured from a pure white rubber material. However, where the cable meets the ear pieces, I found the connection, on appearance, to be below par, with nothing in place to secure the lead and stop it from being pulled out and damaged should the earphones get caught and tugged. The earbuds are also very comfortable due to the rubber earpieces and are not to heavy so don’t fall out the ear either.

Overall I found these earphones to be OK. Nothing about them really wowed me and although the design is great, I couldn’t really get over the audio issues. For a such a big company, I think Samsung should’ve invested more into producing a better headset for their customers.


The Apple earphones, named the EarPods by the Californian company, offer the best audio experience during my testing. The whole audio sphere is really accurate with solid highs that were sometimes a bit tinny, but this slight fault can be completely ignored due to the bass. The bass on the EarPods is incredibly impressive, so good it could almost challenge an earphone manufactured by an audio company. Its bass is really punchy but it still preserves the mids and highs which is really important. So in terms of audio, the earpods are my favourite of the three because of the bass, but some of you may prefer the HTC One earphones if you like listening to different genres of music like classical, for example.

The cable linking the EarPods to the mic, buttons and 3.5mm connection is a kind of unattractive, muddy-white colour which doesn’t really look great and doesn’t actually match the pure-white plastic earpieces themselves. It is a small imperfection of the accessory but I think making the cable with a more, vibrant and classy rubber that was completely white like the Samsung cable would be a big improvement.

The physical aspect of the EarPods is something I know a lot of poeple don’t like, and I can’t disagree. I really don’t understand why Apple insist on creating earphones that are uncomfortable in your ear. They did it with the last generation of apple earphones and people complained back then but they haven’t greatly improved them in terms of fit in the ear for these ones either. The use of rubber eartips is a universally employed design, seen on almost all earphones and I think this is something that Apple should’ve followed suit with.. A comfortable fit is always a vital asset to any earphone and the fact that Apple failed to achieve this is disappointing and actually kind of takes away from the enjoyable audio experience. And honestly, I’m not a big fan of their design either, but again, that’s just me and a lot of people will like their appearance, but is appearance more important than comfort? Well, not for me it isn’t.


The HTC One earphones have decent bass, nothing too outstanding or surprising, but it is a bass response slightly above the standard you’d expect from an audio accessory found in the box and highs were about the same. So overall, in terms of the audio experience that these earphones offer, I’d describe it as pretty neutral, with no particular aspect of the audio spectrum overpowering the others, and I personally find that quite good.

The aesthetics of the earbuds are my favourite of these three. The red and black colour scheme is striking and pleasing and the anti tangle cable, as well as looking good, serves a helpful purpose, decreasing the frequency of those moments where you pull a tangled mess of wires out of your pocket, and spend the next half hour untangling them just to listen to some music. The cable is also nicely connected at both the auxiliary connection and earbuds end with a secure seal which gives me a lot of confidence in knowing that if I was to accidentally catch the cord, the wire wouldn’t be ripped out.

The HTC One earphones are really comfortable in the ear too, and their rubber ear tips, similar to the Samsung earbuds, shape to your ear canal, creating a tighter seal which helps to block out any external noise from around you. I had no issue with the weight of the earphones either, and never found them slowly slipping out my ear, which was good..

All three come with multi functional buttons with an inbuilt mic on their cables so the user can make calls and control media playback. The auxiliary prongs have the standard 3.5mm diameter, but Samsung have crafted their connection with a gold plated design to improve conduction and slow corrosion. The other two have nickel prongs which is normal to see in lower-end earphones.


The Earphones:

Overall looking at these earphone in competition, I guess I should give two first prizes, one for comfort and aesthetics and one for audio experience. For me, HTC nailed it on looks, with the outstanding and eye catching colour scheme, and stylish, minimalistic earbud design and also a really comfortable experience, I think the Chinese company deserve first place for their efforts.

On the audio front, I’ve got to give it to Apple. The bass produced by the EarPods really is very impressive and if it weren’t for the comfort issues I experienced, I would be happy to use them as my daily earphones when out and about.