Audio Dynamix Atom V2

The Atom V2 speaker comes in black packaging with the ADX branding plastered along the front along with an image of the speaker itself and some key info about the product. Inside, Audio Dynamix have included a high quality carry-case made out of a wetsuit material that fits the speaker perfectly inside. Also in the box are two accessories – a micro USB to USB cable to charge and also a well-built anti-tangle auxiliary cable for connecting devices to the speaker which don’t support Bluetooth. That’s all you get with the speaker in the box so let’s talk about the Atom V2 itself.

The speaker has an incredible build quality, with an aluminium uni-body back, base and top support plate which isn’t only impressively solid but also feels great and, more importantly, looks stunning. Packed inside the metal case we find a large 3000mAh battery that is said to last between 8 and 25 hours of media playback – for me I found about 14 hours to be my average battery time. On top of the speaker we find all function buttons and sockets; from left to right is the auxiliary port, the on/off button, the volume down/skip back button, the play/pause or pickup/decline phone call button, the volume up/skip forward button, the micro-USB port for charging and finally a small hole for the inbuilt mic. This microphone, along with that pickup/decline incoming call button, allows you to deal with phone calls coming into your phone when it is connected to the ADX Atom V2 which I found actually works very well. Also up on the top of the speaker is a faux-leather carry handle that provides an easy way to take this speaker on the go.

The superior manufacturing job that Audio Dynamic have achieved in the design of this speaker has not just produced an incredible look but it also assists in making the audio emitted from the two 50mm drivers more vivid and full. ADX claim that the speaker diaphragms nestled within the aluminium casing move up to 200% more than other speakers, meaning a deeper, more extended bass experience. From my experience, the Atom V2 really does provide some impressive bass and especially playing heavy D&B was where the Atom V2 excelled. On the rest of the sound spectrum the speaker is solid, with accurate highs and next to no tinny notes that I could hear and it handled every genre of music I threw at it with no problem. Overall, on the audio front, I think it’s safe to say that this is the best Bluetooth speaker I have ever used and would certainly take on the big brand names of the media market like Bose, as well as offering a considerably smaller price tag.

Ultimately, this should be an incredibly attractive option for anyone looking for a high-quality Bluetooth audio system which is going to output sound that will make your music sound as good as it can. I would definitely recommend the ADX Atom V2 to anyone in the market for a Bluetooth speaker as it has really impressed me over the past few weeks.