Choetech Wireless Charger

The charger comes in a nice box simply designed but very informative. In the box you get the charger itself and a short Micro USB cable  to connect a power source to the device. Also included were some instructions which were not a necessity but may help some who are not familiar with this type of technology. Having connected the charger to the mains, I placed my Nexus 5 on the device and within seconds it was charging.


The charger has an impressively small form-factor so it blends into any surrounding. I have it on my desk and it takes up no space which is great. It is made of mostly soft-touch plastic but there is a stylish, shiny, silver band running around the circumference which is made of plastic.

There are two negatives to this charger  that I have observed in my use of it. First is the charging efficiency. My Nexus 5 charges noticeably slower on the wireless charger than when connected to the mains via a wire. It is quite a substantial difference – it takes the wireless charger about twice the time to charge my phone as the wire does, so if you want to charger 0% to 100% then that is a considerable difference. The second downside in my opinion is the charging light. This will not affect some people, but for those wanting to use the charger in their bedroom, maybe on your bedside table, could have an issue. When charging, the charger notifies you of this by turning the blue LED on the side of the unit on but it is quite bright so it could disturb you. These two reasons are the only reasons that I am giving this product a rating of 4 stars.

This is, nevertheless, a brilliant wireless charger – one of the best out there – and I would recommend it to anyone looking for one.