Lumsing Pioneer Bluetooth Speaker


The Lumsing Pioneer Bluetooth speaker comes with a USB to Micro USB cable and another 3.5 mm auxiliary cable (the same connection as you would find on typical earphones) with double male ends. I found these two wires to be quite short, but in most circumstances, the length of them will be sufficient.

The instructions provided, although they hardly make sense (they have clearly been translated), may be required for some people in order to understand the connection process. What I did find annoying was the amount the speaker spoke, but you get used to it. For experienced Bluetooth users, it will be very easy to connect, and having charged and powered up the speaker, I was playing music in no time.

What is noticeable about the unit is how light it is. This for me is a positive as carrying round the speaker is very easy, and chucking it in your bag wouldn’t add significant weight. The wrist band which Lumsing have built into the speaker doesn’t really add much for me, but if you intend to go walking or hiking then the ability to attach the speaker to your wrist or backpack could well be useful. I think Lumsing should have added a mechanism to clip back the wrist strap or remove it entirely so it doesn’t get in the way of users.


When charging, a red light, which is cleverly concealed under the speaker mesh, turns on and once the battery is full, the light will disappear. Lumsing have built a Micro SD card slot into this speaker, allowing you to install all your music onto one small card, insert it into the product and use the speaker without the presence of a Bluetooth device. There is also an NFC function in the speaker which is a welcome addition, and further improves the overall experience.

The bass is very impressive for the size (about the length and width of the average hand) however it wouldn’t rival a full-size, pricier speaker system but it is more than sufficient for casual media consumption. Highs are accurate, pronounced and well balanced. Overall, the sound is very good, especially for a small, relatively cheap wireless speaker.





– Very good battery life

– Light

– Impressive bass for size

– Stylish design

– Great price



– Too much vocal feedback

– Unnecessary wrist strap that can get in the way

– The instructions are hard to understand


In conclusion, I really like this speaker and I would certainly recommend it. The 3 negatives aren’t deal-breakers, and a some of them, like the wrist strap, may even be positives for some users.