MKBHD’s Intelligent Style at CES 2017


I think MKBHD has been really clever in the way he’s covered the few chances he’s had to have some exclusive time with a brand new concept products at CES this year. Instead of filming himself relaying his thoughts during his experience with the concept (e.g the Faraday Future), he films b-roll, and the occasional bit of dialogue with the expert that is showing him the product. He then records the voice-over a few hours later before he edits, which has given him a chance to think about the concept, and write down some thoughts to serve as a script. This way, we get an honest, measured opinion from MKBHD about the product. That’s instead of very biased thoughts from an excited, in-the-moment Marques, who’s initially amazed at all the technology around him and is being buttered up by the salesman sitting next to him. Doing it this way means he can have a chance to think about whether what he experienced and saw is functional, useful and has potential or not. Basically, I think it’s a great way of doing it, and although it means a lot more work for Marques, it makes for a far higher quality, more informative video.