RockJaw Kommand IEM Earphones

Going for £120 right now, I was expecting big things from them and, well on the design point at least, they didn’t disappoint. As you’ve probably seen from these clips so far, these things are built like a tank. Stylish yet sturdy, the Kommands are crafted form a mix of wood, high quality plastic and, of course, metal. The red trim from the earbuds complements the aesthetics nicely, and overall, these are just a nice looking pair of earbuds. The cord, made from shiny, flexible plastic, is not one usually found on earphones but it feels much stronger than a traditional cable. However, because of its gripability, I found the this chord to get more tangled than others I’ve used in the past, so coiling it up before shoving it in your pocket, bag or included carry pouch is well worth you while. There is an in-line mic and multi-functional button unit on the cable too which allows you to answer calls and pause or play your music respectively.


The fit in the ear was a real low point for me as I just couldn’t get the Kommand IEMs to stay in. Even with that large ear hook, the fit of the earbuds was pretty poor most of the time and I found the hook to actually pull the earbud out instead of keeping it in (note you can actually remove it I believe if you have a screw driver head like this). This was disappointing to see and is something pretty basic that RockJaw need to assess and improve. It’s one of those things you’d expect a company to test and alter before releasing the product to market. This poor fitting created a domino effect as not only were the earphones uncomfortable to wear, the sound experience suffered too due to there being no tight seal around the earbud. A tight fit is absolutely vital in an earphone as it allows the sound, particularly the bass, to be directed into the ear drum. with gaps around the sides, music is lost and also disperses into your surroundings, meaning your music can be heard by everyone around you.

Anyway, I did sometimes manage to get a decent fit after a bit of twisting and turning of the earphones (or simply by holding them in my ear), and once I had, the sound was really impressive. Remember, you can swap in the sound filters which come with the Kommands. I used the bassy ones, which were silver, and I really liked the audio I got. Rich lows, and nice, neutral mids and highs. Nothing distorted, and everything just sounded pretty good.


Overall, I think the RockJaw Kommand IEMs could be an amazing pair of earphones. They have real potential but RockJaw just need to focus on the fit. They look great and the sound was really nice too.

Therefore, I’d suggest maybe going for another of RockJaw’s earphones or perhaps taking a look at some other audio options on the market.