XtremeSkins Review


These skins are top quality. Having tried dbrand, the undisputed leading technology vinyl skin manufacturer and vender of the industry, I was apprehensive prior to applying the XtremeSkins. Particularly as their prices are incredibly cheap, I was fully expecting a below-par outcome.  My preconceptions were shown to be incorrect though, as I was hugely impressed by the quality and precision of the XtremeSkins. Applying to my S7 Edge, the installation process was intuitive and easy, and every cut-out lined up perfectly with its respective port/hole. XtremeSkins provide a helpful video guide on how to install their skins on your specific device, whether that be a smartphone, console, mouse, laptop or even Amazon Echo. The texture on the skin is as conveyed in the images on the company’s website – high quality and durable, giving the desired outcome of grip and style.




In the package, along with your skins, you get a sterile cleaning wipe and a ‘thank-you’ message for your purchase – a really nice touch. They also include the links to all their social media where they’re always on hand with fast customer service. The ability to fully customise the look of your smartphone for such low cost is a brilliant service.




All I can really say is the team at XtremeSkins have done an excellent job. Their PR department who I interacted with to make this article possible were helpful and receptive, and the speed of delivery was incredible, and certainly welcome considering my tight schedule! It’s great to see a UK manufacturer doing so well in their own niche sector of the tech market, and I am looking forward to watching them compete with dbrand and Slickwraps, the market leaders.
I would certainly recommend buying from XtremeSkins if you reside in the UK, or anywhere in the world, which is made possible by their international shipping option – they deserve your money considering their professional service. I can’t wait to work with XtremeSkins in the future to bring you even more great content!

Click the link to try out XtremeSkin’s customiser tool to create your own bespoke look for your smartphone, games console, laptop etc:


If you specifically want a skin for the S7 Edge, like the one shown below in the ‘Black Carbon’ variant, follow this link: